We are excited to announce the 2022 StarTUp Accelerator cohort. The seven selected ventures make up our most diverse cohort to date.

  • Four have just graduated college or graduated within two years.
  • Four have founders with an average of 15 years experience.
  • Five are led by minority founders and/or female founders.
  • One venture has raised a six figure round, one venture has 50% committed on a $2.5M round, and two ventures are beginning their round and the others will be determined during their fellowship.
  • All but two ventures are already in the market.
  • One venture just went through the new Baltimore TechStars Accelerator.

Zimbali Networks, led by Danielle Jean-Pierre, is a web3 fintech revolutionizing finance by building financial tools for communities across the world. Zimbali is an early entrant in a new web3 sector called “Decentralized Monetary Authorities.”

Mint Print LLC, led by Susan Ganz TU Student Fellow Emily Vogel, maintains a platform that uses blockchain technology to solve the digital ownership problem in an intuitive way by offering consumers the ability to purchase, lend, give away, and even resell the books they buy digitally. Mint Print LLC provides a publishing platform as well as an easy-to-use marketplace platform for buying and reselling digital books, comics, and audiobooks.

Tap In, led by Susan Ganz TU Student Fellows Conrad Brake and Ryan Rutkowski, is an app and events based company that allows a community of users to provide and receive dynamic, accurate real time data about their local bar scene.  Small businesses now have a better two way communication channel with their community.

Medsy, led by Joshua Wies, helps reduce healthcare payor costs and improve outcomes by facilitating medication adherence for vulnerable people.

Pro Theory, led by Daria Lucchesi, makes it easy for anyone who wants to coach an athlete to set up, manage, and grow an in-person and/or digital training brand. Pro Theory combines a software tool, marketplace, and network to create a community optimized for the connected sports training space.

Led by Rebecca Rosenberg, ReBokeh‘s vision is to make it simple for all individuals to see by providing sleek, affordable, and streamlined assistive technologies.

Pirl Technology, led by Kobby Osei-Kusi, builds next generation electric vehicle (EV) charging stations to accelerate the transition to electrified transport. Using the latest Internet-of-Things (IOT) technology, we deploy stations that charge rapidly, have a lower environmental footprint, and delight owners with an engaging user experience.