The 2022 gubernatorial election in Maryland made history with the victory of governor-elect Wes Moore, the first black governor for the state and only the third in U.S. history. Moore’s running mate, Aruna Miller, also broke ground as the first immigrant lieutenant governor for the state and first female South Asian lieutenant governor in the nation. 

While the election was by no means a close call with the Moore campaign winning by nearly 65%, the pattern of preference for governor and the margins of victory across the state are always worth examining. Towson Univeristy’s Center for GIS has assembled a few maps to help you take a closer look at the results of the 2022 Maryland gubernatorial election at the county level.

Open this swipe map in a new window to view it larger.

Fourteen of Maryland’s 24 jurisdictions went red while ten went blue. However, switching to the second map which displays the number of votes indicated by sized dots helps us visualize differences in population between counties in central Maryland and the more rural counties to the west, south and east. Although the map shows the majority of jurisdictions voting Republican, this is offset by more densely populated Democratic areas.