Hosted by the StarTUp at the Armory, the ATHENAPowerLink® Baltimore Women in Business Speaker Series features trailblazers from across Maryland discussing accomplishments, challenges, and insights as women business leaders. This is a great opportunity to connect with entrepreneurs, business leaders, and community members from Greater Baltimore.

Women in Business Speaker Series: Tanya Bryan

On November 15, ATHENAPowerLink® Baltimore held its second Women in Business event featuring Tanya Bryan, CEO and founder of the Baltimore Nighthawks. Tanya spoke about her career as an engineer and how and why she founded the Baltimore Nighthawks, a women’s American football team in the Women’s Football Alliance. She also spoke on the importance of creating value in one’s life and the impact her work has on the community.

We are pleased to announce Dr. Sam DuFlo, founder, owner, and chief medical officer of Indigo Physiotherapy, as our next guest speaker. Join us, and gain insight on her accomplishments and challenges as a woman business leader.