The Certified Clinical Medical Assistant Program from Towson University Continuing and Professional Studies combines in-person clinicals with self-paced learning and an externship to prepare students to become a certified clinical medical assistant and work in a doctor’s office or other healthcare settings.

TU’s comprehensive CCMA program is helping student Yakelin Rivera build a foundation for a future career in healthcare. She’s using this course as a step to becoming a physician’s assistant. Watch this brief video below to learn more about why she chose Towson University.

More about Towson University’s CCMA Program

Towson University’s CCMA Program includes six modules that incorporates in-person clinicals with self-paced learning. Upon completion of the program, students are placed in a required externship at a local doctor’s office. Accepted students receive a standard stethoscope, blood pressure cuff, one set of TU branded scrubs, a certification exam voucher, access to NHA digital learning tools, and Basic Life Support for Health Care Providers (BLS) certification course.

One of the perks of our program? We offer our students three options to complete their 72 clinical hours.

  • Option 1: Two weeknight clinical sessions (2 hours, in-person)
  • Option 2: One weekly, clinical session (4 hours, in-person)
  • Option 3: Accelerated option is one weekly, clinical session (7.5 hours, in-person)


We’ve hand-picked a couple resources to provide more insight into what it takes to become a successful CCMA.