What does it mean to be a project manager, and how can you become certificated as one?

According to PMI, “project managers are organized, goal-oriented professionals who use innovation, creativity, and collaboration to lead projects that make an impact”. Becoming a certified project manager can be done in a couple of ways, depending on education levels and experience leading projects. You can earn either a CAPM® certification or a PMP® certification. Each certification comes with its own set of requirements. Accredited preparation course such as the Certified Associate in Project Management (CAPM®) Certification Prep Course or Project Management Professional (PMP®) Certification Prep Course are offered at Towson University Continuing and Professional Studies.

What are the different requirements for the CAPM® and PMP® certifications?

The CAPM® is an entry-level certification that prepares candidates for positions in project management; whereas the PMP® is a mid-level credential for project managers with at least three years of experience. Below we have listed the requirements for each certification exam.

CAPM® CertificationPMP® Certification
Project Manager Course Hours23 hours of project management education, completed before you take the exam35 hours of project management education/training OR CAPM® certification.
Years of Experience OR Education BackgroundHigh school diploma or equivalent36 months (3 years total) of experience leading projects if you have a four-year degree, OR 60 months (5 years total) if you have a high school diploma, an associate’s degree, or the global equivalent. (Table Source)

What is the difference between the CAPM® and PMP® certification exam?

CAPM® CertificationPMP® Certification
The exam only covers the information contained in the PMBOK® GuideThe exam covers concepts from additional management disciplines, like Strategic Alignment, Human Resources, Quality, Risk, Continuous Improvement and Cost/Budget management.
The exam is a knowledge-based exam. Questions on the exam will reflect the terminology and understanding of basic project management theory, processes and deliverablesThe exam assumes a complete understanding of how to apply project management knowledge, skills, tools and techniques. (Table Source)

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